Why does the sky appear blue from Earth and black from space?

The sky appears blue from Earth, while it appears black from space. What is the science behind why this happens. Well, let me tell you that the sky has no color of its own, those who have a good understanding of science would know about it, but there are many people who do not know about this puzzle of science. The role of the sun’s ray is behind the appearance of the blue color of the sky. But let me tell you one more thing here that the ray of the sun is white, but the color of the sky is blue. So friends, we will tell in a very easy way the answers to all these, so that you will also know why the sky looks blue and why does the astronauts see black.

scattering of lights

As we told that the sky appears blue from the earth where we live, because of the sunlight reaching here and the atmosphere present here. Let us tell you that a white ray emerges from the sun, seven colors are hidden in the white ray, this color is violet, purple (indigo), blue (blue), green (green), yellow (yellow), orange ( orange), red. The trick to remember this is VIBGYOR or ROYGBIV. Have you read about the prism and the use of seven colours? If not then we will let you know and if yes then your information will be confirmed. A prism can separate white into seven colours: violet, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. The group of these colors is also called spectrum. When white color passes through the prism, it splits into seven colours. Isaac Newton was the first person who told this experiment to the world.

Similarly, you must have seen the formation of a rainbow during the rainy season. The rainbow is also made up of these seven colors. When the white ray of the sun hits the raindrops, it gets scattered into seven colors, which forms a rainbow. So now you must have understood that the sun’s ray forms a group spectrum of seven colors.

why sky appears blue from earth in hindi

When the white rays of the Sun pass through our atmosphere, then these rays collide with various particles and molecules present in the atmosphere, then it is divided into seven colors or wavelengths (wavelength in English). The color which has the shortest wavelength scatters the most and the color which has the longest wavelength scatters the least. Blue color has the shortest wave length, so this color gets the most scattering, while red color has the longest wavelength, so this color is seen to be the least scattered. It is also called Rayleigh scattering. So now you must have understood why the sky appears blue from the earth.

Why does the sky appear black to astronauts

From Earth, we see the sky blue, but it is not so for astronauts. They see the sky black, this is because there is no nearest source of light in space (like the sun is the closest source of light to the earth) so that they can see nothing and there is no atmosphere which can give the sun’s rays. can be scattered. That’s why the sky appears black from space.

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