What is Water TDS and how much should it be?

Drinking Water TDS : We all know that water means life. Without which our life will not go on. Just like we cannot live a day without oxygen, similarly we cannot live without water.

But before taking that water, we have to see whether water will do good or harm to our body. Just as our body needs proper nutritious vitamin rich food, similarly we need clean water to keep our body disease free. is also required.

Compared to the previous era, there has been a lot of improvement in the water system in the present era. Very good quality water is available. A few centuries ago water used to contain harmful bacteria like arsenic. Now there are many improvements. But still we make mistake in choosing water that which water will keep our body healthy.

We drink whatever water we get in a hurry. But in haste we should know whether we are taking any wrong step in our life? So to get right water you have to know the use of “TDS”. And what is “Water TDS”?

Today half of the diseases of the people are caused by this contaminated water. So to keep our body completely healthy we need good quality pure water along with tasty and fresh food. The water you drink and the water your family members drink should be checked. .

Because by not drinking clean water your whole family will get sick and more importantly any disease will attack more on the children of your house. We know how important our water is in preventing many major diseases. So like other important things in our house, keeping the water in good condition and quality is our other main important task. It is our job to first fix that in which we will all be good.

So there’s only one way to fix it all. So that our water will be fine. The thing which helps us to maintain our water better is “TSD”. “TDS” stands for purity of water. The number of milligrams of dissolved solids per liter of water is expressed by “TDS”.

What is TDS and what does it do?

Since water is a universal solvent, it dissolves most substances it comes in contact with. These substances add to and make up the total dissolved solids (TDS) of the water. So, (TDS) is nothing but the total organic and inorganic matter dissolved in water. The main constituents are the cations of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium and the carbonate, bicarbonate, chloride, sulphate and nitrate ions. The TDS content of any water is expressed in milligrams/liter (mg/l) or parts per million (ppm).

Generally, when you test the TDS of a water sample, you get the total cations and the number of cations present in the sample. Although a TDS meter will give you the amount of these ions present, it does not have the ability to differentiate between beneficial and toxic ions.

TDS is an indicator of the purity of water. This TDS is expressed as how many milligrams of soluble solids are dissolved in one liter of water. Tests have shown that the lower the TDS, the clearer the water. The unit of TDS is PPM. 1ppm = 1mg/liter.

TSD 0-50ppm micro-filtered and distilled water. As per US EPA’S TDS chart.

0-50 ppm is considered as micro-filtered and distilled water. TDS of water less than 30 ppm is harmful to human health. Because this water does not contain essential minerals for our body.

TDS 50- 170ppm carbon filtered, mountain spring of aquifers water.

Limited acceptable range of TDS 170- 200ppm hard water.

TDS 200- 400 ppm High TDS water is obtained from TAP or MINERAL SPRING.

According to the principles of World health organization (who), the standard of TDS per liter of drinking water has been set.

tds full form

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drinking water tds chart

TDS LEVEL(MG/L). ratings

Less than 300. Excellent

300-600. good

600-900. fair

900-1200. Poor

Above 1200. Unacceptable

Source of TDS

We all know that any water contains dissolved substances. So here it is added to the water from various sources. The sources are:

Organic Sources, Inorganic Sources, Soluble Metals

Organic Source:

leaves, plankton (especially floating micro-organisms), stream-borne mud/silt and industrial waste and sewage.

Inorganic Sources:

Bicarbonate, nitrogen, iron, phosphorus, sulfur and other minerals present in rocks and air.

Soluble Metals:

Iron or copper pipes used to transport water may contain lead or copper ions. The important point here is that filtration is an essential step in the water purification process. Its efficiency depends on the quality of TDS removal.

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water TDS measurement

  1. TDS can be calculated by mass-metric method by evaporating contaminated water with high ‘TDS’. (2) Conductivity and TDS values ​​are determined with the help of measuring instruments in case of least polluted water. TDS. As per EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the ideal TDS value is 500 ppm Is. Normally, the TDS value is within 1000 ppm, but if it exceeds 1000 ppm, the water is unfit for use.

The requirements are –

1. Taste/Health : High TDS results in bad taste of water. Naenta is bitter or contains metal ions. In addition, it may contain toxic minerals. TDS above 500 ppm is not acceptable.

2. Hardness of water: Water with high TDS value has high hardness. As a result, a hard coating forms on the inside of the pipe or kettle. As a result the efficiency of the boiler or pipe is reduced.

3. Aquatic Life: Water requires a certain level of TDS to support aquatic life. The PH of water is also determined by the specific TDS value. Life in water is possible only when the PH is at the right level.

4. Commercial/Industrial: Water used in industry or commercially should have a certain level of TDS. Or the efficiency of various equipment deteriorates within a few days.

5. Coffee/Food Service : Good quality water is used for cooking food, preparing beverages, making coffee. It should have acceptable TDS level.

Methods of deducting TDS-

Removes Distillation (TDS) of water using simple filter method. Apart from this, some other methods are given below-

  1. Carbon Filtration: The use of charcoal in the filtration process can remove (TDS) and other toxins.
  1. Reverse Osmosis: In this method water under pressure is forced through a semi-permeable membrane. Water passes through the semipermeable membrane but contaminants are trapped. Thus the value of (TDS) can be reduced.
  1. distillation: Distillation process reduces the Distillation of Water (TDS). As water evaporates, it is said to be free of pollutants.

Conductivity Method:

For a baseline measurement of TDS in water, you can use a basic TDS meter. The dissolved ions allow the water to conduct an electric current. This means you can measure the level of ions in water by testing its electrical conductivity. The greater the amount of dissolved ionized solids, the greater the electrical conductivity of water.

In this method, the practical limit of TDS in water is 10 mg/l. Another limitation is that some hazardous substances do not actually form ions when dissolved and therefore cannot be detected. But even on a relative scale, if you suddenly notice TDS of water, it means that there is serious pollution that you have to deal with. Ideally, send a sample of your water to your nearest water lab.

Gravity Method:

This is the method employed in the laboratory and is therefore more accurate. Gravimetric analysis is a method of quantitative chemical analysis in which the analyte is converted into a substance (of known composition) that can be separated from a sample and weighed. The following steps are usually followed in gravimetric analysis (1) preparation of a solution containing a known weight of the sample, (2) separation of the desired element, (3) weighing of the isolated element, and (4) calculation of the amount of the isolated substance. The observed weight of the specific element in the sample.

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Possible effects of high TDS in water:

The presence of high levels of TDS in drinking water can be objectionable due to off-flavour and excessive scaling in water pipes, heaters, boilers and home appliances.

Organic matter, high disinfectant content and inadequate water treatment can all change the color of your water. Inorganic solids including metals can also affect the color change – non-hazardous elements such as iron and manganese react with oxygen and turn the water a rusty orange or blackish-brown colour.

Tooth staining or discoloration can also result from high TDS levels, especially if the TDS contains high amounts of fluoride.

So from now on try to drink only TDS tested water. This will keep your body healthy, every person in your family will be healthy and especially the children in your home will be more healthy. Because our modern age is very advanced, think advanced thoughts and keep your body fit. Try to know that you are at home The water you are drinking is of good quality or is it harming your body. Because most of our diseases are caused by this water.

Let us see how to use TDS meter:

Let us see how to use TDS meter? The TDS has a distance display and three switches at the bottom. The function of the switch at the bottom is to turn it on and off. The function of the second switch is to monitor the temperature. And hold the work of the third switch.

When you switch on the TDS meter for the first time it will show zero. If you want to measure the temperature, then turn on the second switch. Temperature can be taken in two ways, Fahrenheit and Celsius. Pressing the switch once will change to Celsius and twice to Fahrenheit.

Then you take three glasses of water for testing. One is normal tap water, sold in a 20 liter jar in a market, or the other is mineral water. And check the TDS in the form of PPM in those three classes.

Now check three glasses of water with TDS meter. Turn on the meter and place it in the water. Then you can understand yourself how much PPM is showing in your water as given in the chart.

TDS water test will tell you how is the quality of your water. That’s why it is very important to use TDS in every person’s house to keep the body completely fit. Because just like we need healthy vegetables and other food items to live a normal life, similarly we also need clean water to keep our body and especially our stomach healthy. So TDS is the only one which will protect you and your family and especially children. The mind will wake up more and more, the body parts will be better. This TDS also keeps our #PH PH BALANCE correct.

Water problem is seen in many of our homes. So this problem happens to almost people. That’s why use of TDS is very important for our body otherwise there will be no improvement in age. Generations will be worse. People can get many types of diseases by drinking poisonous water. We have to lose our loved ones one by one from our family. The body has to be poisoned only by consuming this poisonous water.

There will be no immunity in the body. By drinking poisonous water, our body becomes useless. By drinking poisonous water, our body becomes ill from all sides. Unless we have some major disease. Till then we do not consider this matter important. Due to which gradually we create diseases on a large scale in the body.

We are so busy throughout the day that we do not have time to take care of or take care of our body. We never think that only vegetables, fruits, fish, meat should be eaten, the most important thing in the body is water. So what we cannot do without it is to check whether the water we are drinking is pure or not. And it is not only harming our body but also harming our skin nails, head hair Is. Everything is getting ruined because of our carelessness. Today, if we do not know how to use things properly and do not give ourselves pure things, then what will our future generations learn from us?

So it is necessary to pay little attention to this TDS and bring it to everyone’s home to develop their healthy life.

When God gave birth to us as human beings, gave us a beautiful body, then it is our duty to take care of it and keep it healthy. from which we can never escape.

The bottom line:

So live beautifully and help your neighbors to be beautiful and healthy. So that everyone around you stays healthy. So the use of TDS is necessary as it is a very important part of life. It keeps us and our loved ones healthy.