What is IED explosion what is IED in hindi

There is an atmosphere of sorrow in India, 44 of our CRPF jawans have been martyred for the country. The whole of India is criticizing this despicable act of terrorists. With this martyrdom of the jawans, the whole country has stood united and the anger of the hearts has started coming out. Everywhere there is talk of taking revenge for this attack. The attack took place in Awantipora in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir. This attack took place when a convoy of CRPF personnel was passing through this area. This attack happened with a bomb called IED.

After this there was another attack with an IED bomb, this attack took place in an area called Lam Jhangar located in Nowshera of Rajouri sector of Jammu and Kashmir. In this attack also one of our jawans was martyred. IED bombs have been used in the past to spread terror in India. Bombs called IEDs were also used in the attacks in Hyderabad, Pathankot, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jammu and Kashmir. Many people also lost their lives in these attacks.

What is IED Bomb Blast WHAT IS IED BLAST in hindi

The full name of IED is Improvised Explosive Device. This weapon is a type of bomb, such bombs are used as an effective weapon against terrorist military forces. These are made from military and civilian components, they contain dangerous chemicals. Sometimes homemade explosives are also used to make them, hence they are also called homemade bombs. They cost less to make, their effect is more, they are easy to apply.

These types of bombs are made in such a way that they explode when they fall on their feet or they explode when they touch the wheel of the vehicle, so they are often used more on the side of the road. When used as roadside bombs, they can obstruct communication lines and traffic. They can destroy vehicles as soon as they touch them.

Sometimes, their effects go far beyond the work for which they are to be used. The chemical, biological, radioactive (dirty bombs) materials used to make them pose deadly dangers. In the event of their explosion, explosion, smoke and fire come out very fast.

Vehicle-borne IED, or VBIED

Such terms are used for those IED bombs, which are also called car bombs or truck bombs, but some other vehicles can also be used for these, such as bicycles or bikes. Such bombs can carry a relatively large load of IEDs. Terrorists can also use them as remote control, and can detonate these bombs by sitting at a distant place.
VBIEDs vehicles can create additional shrapnel through their destruction and use the vehicle fuel as an incendiary weapon. The act of a person being in this vehicle and detonating it is known as an SVBIED (suicide vehicle-borne IED) suicide.

Pulwama The suicide bomber involved in the attack, Adil Ahmed Dar, can be considered an example of this suicide.

How to make IED – IED in hindi

The IED bomb has five parts. The first is the switch (the activator), the second the initiator (the fuse), the third the container (the body), the fourth the charge (the explosive), and the last as a power source (the battery). Nails, ball bearings and stones are also used in some IEDs. These bombs can be used in a number of ways, including remote controls, infrared or magnetic triggers, pressure-sensitive bars or trip wires. In some cases, multiple IEDs are laid through roadside wires to harm convoys of armed forces.

These IED bombs are used by terrorists in other countries of the world including India to harm the armies and people. India has recently lost its brave sons in the attacks in Pulwama and Rajouri, which is difficult to compensate. Our soldiers serve the country 24 hours a day, protect us, but when a soldier attains immortal martyrdom, a pain arises in every heart. With this pain, would like to share a few lines of Kumar Vishwas’s poem which is dedicated to the soldiers of our country.

“Wealth does not bring Maula, fame does not bring Maula
Maula wants to do just that, don’t give it to heaven
When the sacrificed moth is on the flame of Shamma-e-Watan
There should be Ganga on the lips, the tricolor in the hands.

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