What is a paramilitary force and how is it different from the Indian army

The issue of security in any country is considered to be the most important for that country and this security is very important for the smooth running of that country. There are many different aspects of security for which different departments have been created in India such as BSF, CRPF, Assam Rifle etc which are called paramilitary forces and Indian Army – Army, Air Force and Navy. That is, if seen on the whole, the responsibility of security of India is on the paramilitary force and the Indian Army. But do you know how BSF, CRPF is different from Indian Army? There is a fundamental difference between them? So let us tell you how paramilitary and military are different from each other and what is their work.

What is a paramilitary force – paramilitary forces in hindi

Talking about the paramilitary force, there are many different paramilitary forces working in the country and all of them come under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Their job is to stop the infiltration on the country’s border and it is the responsibility of maintaining peace in the country. It also has many different departments which are as follows.

Assam Rifles

This paramilitary force was established in 1835. This paramilitary force is responsible for the India-China border and the Indo-Myanmar border. It was established during the British era to protect the tea gardens. Then its name was Cachar Levy, although after that its name was changed several times and in 1971 it was named Assam Rifle which is stationed on the border of Indo-China and Indo-Myanmar. The sentence of this paramilitary force is ‘the hill is the friend of the people’.

Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)

It was established in 1962. This paramilitary force has the responsibility of protecting the Tibet Autonomous Region of China along the Indo-Tibetan border. Along with this, this force also protects the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Its motto is “Courage-Perseverance-Determination”.

Border Security Force (BSF)

It was established on 1 December 1965. It is the responsibility of this paramilitary force to stop all the crimes happening on the border of the country and keep a constant vigil on the border. Along with this, protecting the border and international crime is also their responsibility. It is the world’s largest guard force and their motto is “Lifetime Duty”.

Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB)

It was established in 1993 and its responsibility lies on the Indo-Nepal and Indo-Bhutan border. Women’s guard team was first included in this force. Its motto is “Service, Security and Brotherhood”.

Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)

This force was established in 1939. The job of this paramilitary force is to maintain law and order in the country and assist the police in preventing terrorism and Naxalism. It is the largest paramilitary force in the country. It was formed in Madhya Pradesh under the name of “Crown Representative Police”, then in 1949 its name was changed to Central Reserve Police Force.

Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)

The work of this force is to provide security to government and semi-government undertakings within the country. It was established in 1969, it is providing security to the metro etc. in the country and also this paramilitary force plays an active role in the event of disaster in the country.

National Security Guard (NSG)

This force was established in 1984. Its job is to carry out major operations in the country apart from the security of VIPs and this paramilitary force is also known as Black Cat, it is formed by GSG-9 (Security Guard of Germany) and SAS (Security Guard of UK). Keeping in view their motto “Best protection everywhere”

All the above mentioned military forces are paramilitary forces. Let us now tell you about the Indian Army.

Indian Army

Indian Army works under the Ministry of Defense and it has three parts – Army, Air Force and Navy i.e. Navy. Their job is to fight. At the time of peace, the Indian army prepares itself for war by staying behind. Whenever there is a war with any other country, the Para Military Forces (BSF) standing on the border retreat and hand over their command to the Indian Army. This was a big difference, apart from this, there are many things that differentiate it from the Para Military Force (BSF).

Difference Between Military And Paramilitary in Hindi

  • The paramilitary force works under the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Army works under the Ministry of Defence.
  • Paramilitary forces maintain peace in the country by working on terrorism and naxalism etc., whereas the army mainly does the work of war with other countries. And cross border operation.
  • The BSF keeps an eye on the border at all times while the army takes over the front during the war.
  • BSF personnel live on the border while army personnel prepare themselves for war by keeping them behind the border.
  • The soldiers of the Indian Army get more facilities than the soldiers of the paramilitary force. Like canteen, army school etc.
  • In the Indian Army there are ranks like lieutenant, general, marshal brigadier etc. whereas in BSF there are posts like constable, head constable, SI, DAI etc.
  • Recruitment in the Indian Army is done through NDA and CDS and recruitment in BSF is done through SSC etc.

Both these paramilitary forces and the Indian Army have the responsibility of the security of the country and we respect both of them, without one there is no identity of the other, although the work of both may be somewhat different, but the goal is only and only for India. There is security.

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