Website Kya Hai | How many types are there? complete information

Nowadays website is very important if you want to do online business. Through the website, you can easily reach people anywhere in the world sitting at home.

In this era of technology, everyone has a smartphone, laptop and computer through which they can get any information from the internet.

Right now you are also reading my article on the website through internet.

Today through this I wish you What is the website? The type of website and all the things related to it have been explained in this article, so definitely read till the end so that you can understand it better.

What is website? What is the website

Collections of web pages are called websites, which “site” Also known as. A website consists of many pages. Just like you are on our websiteskillinfo” But here also you will see many webpages, different information has been given in all the pages. A collection of many webpages is called a website.

We use the website through any browser like google chrome, firefox, etc.

Every single page of the website contains some or the other information. There are many formats of content in a website, images, text, video, etc. For example – Google, Amazon, they are all one type of website which has a collection of thousands of web pages.

Every website has a purpose, someone is conveying information on news, entertainment, sports, etc. to the people through their website. The center of any website is its home page, from here you can go to any categories and pages of the website.

Website Type , Types of website

There are countless websites on the Internet which exist in different categories. The website is mainly divided into two parts. Whatever website you see, the right website comes under one of the two categories. About which you can read in detail below –

Static Website (static website)

Dynamic Website (Dynamic Website)

Let’s know in a better way –

Static Website (static website)

You can make it very easily. It can be defined as any parameter that requires programming or more computer skills No information is available. He too can create a website in minutes with the help of CMS.

In this type of website, the user cannot make any changes, can only read the content of the website and can also comment and share. There are many Saree CMS platforms like WordPress in the internet through which you can easily create a website.

For example, at this time you can read, share and comment on the content on the skilifo website, but you cannot change it according to your own. Only one Static Website is an example. This type of website looks the same to all users.

Dynamic Website (Dynamic Website)

This type of website does not look the same to everyone. The webpage that I see will be completely different from your webpage. The biggest example of this is the social media platform in which different people see different things. Creating a dynamic website is a bit difficult. For this, a web designer who has a good understanding of coding is required. A username and password are required to access the Dynamic website. There are many dynamic websites available on the internet.

website history

About 20 years ago, if someone used to talk about website, then it seemed impossible to hear, but today you can see. There are not millions but crores of websites on the internet and thousands of new websites are being created every day. The first website on the Internet came on August 6, 1991, which was started by Tim Berners-Lee. He only gave the definition of www (world wide web) to the Internet. Which is visible in all websites.

Some important terms related to the website

If you want to understand the website in detail, then you should also know about some of its important terms, only then you will be able to know better. The terms of the website are as follows –

Domain Name

Just like the address of our house or any place, in the same way there is an address in the Internet world which is called Domain name. Every website has its own unique address, through which we reach that website. As you are reading this article of ours, you are seeing one of our addresses in the browser by the name of (skillinfo), if it is the domain name.


Hosting is a part of the server in which all the websites are hosted. These servers keep these websites live on the Internet so that people can visit the website.


Server is a digital space in which the content and data of our website is stored. Server and website both are connected with each other. Server is a powerful computer in which the data store of all the websites resides. When someone clicks on our website, the server shows the content according to the request of that user. No matter how many websites you visit on the Internet, all those data and content are stored in the server only. Fast and good server is necessary for the website only then the loading speed of the website will be good.


A website is made up of many webpages. All the pages that remain in the website. All those pages are called web pages. A website is like a book, each page of which is a webpage, perhaps you must have understood now.


The homepage is the center of the website. Home is the main page of any website, from which you can go to any category of the website by clicking on navigation.


Whatever information is available on the website, whether it is video, photo, text or infographic in any format, all content is there. Like you are reading this article right now, this is also a content.


SEO is most important for any website. The process of SEO in which we optimize our website, according to the search engine’s algorithm, so that the ranking of the website increases and from there our organic traffic comes to the website. Many things in SEO like On page, off pagetechnical SEO, etc. is included.

How is a website made?

There are two ways to create a website, in the first there should be an understanding of programming and technical skills. In another way, we use CMS to create a website which is very easy to build. You will get complete information about both the methods further –


It is a software. There are many CMS available on the internet which makes it very easy to create a website. like wordpress one CMS Which is most commonly used in making websites. They have all the features that you can design a website using according to yourself.

by coding

In this, the entire website is built by coding. CSS, HTML, Javascript, Python, C ++ all these languages ​​are used while creating a website. However, building a complete website by coding is not that easy. It takes several days. If you want to stay away from the hassle of coding, then you should use CMS.

How many types of website can be made –

Nowadays there are countless websites. Not all websites are created equal, each one is created for a different function.


This website is made for selling online products, in which there are different types of goods that you can buy. Amazon, flipkart, this is an e commerce website which has many products. To sell any of your products online, first you have to set up an e-commerce store.

Non profit

The purpose of creating a non profit website is to collect donations. By which the poor or disabled people have to be helped.


It is mostly used by small businesses where only information about the company is given in the website. This is a simple website. Due to this, online presence of that company is created in the Internet.


This type of website only contains information about a subject. Which is made for learning people. If you are reading this article of ours now, then this is also an example of a blog. Starting a blog is very easy.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing A website is a website in which you promote a service or product. To promote, you put affiliate link in your website. When a user buys that product from your link, then you earn commission on it.

How to earn money from website?

There are many ways through which you can earn well from your website, which are as follows –

  • By showing Google Adsense ads in the content of the website.
  • By doing affiliate marketing, in which if someone buys your website’s affiliate link, then you earn from it.
  • By selling any of your service or product in the website
  • You can also earn from backlinks by giving links to others in your website.
  • You can earn money by creating a website for the client i.e. website designing.

What did you learn today?

Today in this article, we learned many things related to the website, what is the website, types of website, as well as important terms of the website, by reading which you would have learned a lot about the website.

I hope, you must have got to learn a lot by reading the information which was told in this article. If you like this article then do not forget to share it with your friends and if you have any question or suggestion related to this article then you can comment us.


How much does it cost to build a website?

You can also make the website free or you can make it according to your money.

How to earn money from website?

You can earn money through website in many ways.