Shaalasiddhi 2022 Online Information Filling, Last Date

Shaalasiddhi 2022 Online Information Filling ince the Shaala siddhi portal has been launched, improvements are being seen at the education level. To get this motive, Shaala siddhi school evaluation dashboard has been created.

shaalasiddhi login window

Let’s start filling the information of Shaalasiddhi, so now check Shaala Siddhi 2021-22 login and fill your information as given below.

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Shaala siddhi login 2021-22.

Shalasiddhi means an online software designed to get school information in one click, which is accessed through any browser called School Evaluation Dashboard Login.

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If someone is filling Shalasiddhi for the first time, then first read all the guidelines given below carefully and then only go ahead. This article is suitable for filling the information of Shala Siddhi.


Instructions for uploading Shalasiddhi report.

  • Shala Siddhi website should be used only by authorized staff of the school,
  • Completely fill all the components of Shala Siddhi Dashboard,
  • To login shala siddhi again in future, note down your login id, password and pin (OTP) etc.,
  • You can click on the “ICON” given on the left hand side of your screen and fill the information of Shalasiddhi sequentially,
  • after completing the process shalasiddhi final submission button Please press

How to fill Shala Siddhi information with Shalasiddhi login?

To fill the information in Shalasiddhi, 3 steps have to be completed in which Learners, Teachers and School Evalution Composite Matrix contain this information.

1. Learners In Shaalasiddhi,

Learners have also given 3 tabs in which information is filled. First we have to fill this Learners Profile & Learning Outcomes.


Learners Profile & Learning Outcomes.

  • Demographic Profile In this, fill the student count of the current year of SC, ST, OBC and General category, which should be 30 September in the catalog as per this month.
  • Classwise Annual Attendance Rate In this, the result percentage of the previous academic year has to be filled, which will be filled in the tab of both boys and girls.

Keep in mind that the following formula should be used to calculate the attendance rate. According to this formula Annual Attendance can be extracted.

shaalasiddhi attendanse furmula

Learners Profile and learning results,

In this option, information about Learning Outcomes (Annual / Consolidated Report) has to be filled, in which the percentage of the students who have scored in the respective percentage range of the previous academic year has to be calculated.

shaalasiddhi login se shaala siddhi information

According to the image given above, the annual report of the class available in the school has to be filled, in which marks are obtained between < 33, 33-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70, 71-80, 81-90 and 91-100. First the count of the students who did it came out, then after converting them into Percentage, fill the information.

After filling this information, submit and save it and after submitting proceed to fill the next details.

Performance In Key Subjects (Annual),

Considering the previous academic year Performance In Key Subjects This information is to be filled. In this subject wise information, what percentage of students have come from grade A to E, their result will have to be filled.


Criteria to measure the performance of the students.

  • Grade A: Students who have achieved 81-100 marks for that major subject,
  • Grade B: Students have achieved 61-80 marks in key subjects,
  • C Grade: Students who have achieved 41-60 marks for that major subject,
  • Grade D: Students have achieved 33-40 marks in key subjects and:
  • Grade E: Students who have achieved 00-32 marks for that major subject.

To fill the information of the subjects with continuous low performance.Subjects with consistent low performance“This option is given, fill it if applicable.

Shaalasiddhi performance in key

When all the information is filled in the Shala Siddhi, save the information and proceed by clicking on Next.

2. Teachers In Shaalasiddhi,

Now the information of teachers will come in Shalasiddhi. In this, how many Male and Female Employees are there in the school, their total will have to be entered.

Keep in mind that these Trained and Un-Trained Teachers will have to be filled in this way. After filling this information, save it by clicking on Submit and click on Next.

Teachers Attendance in Shaalasiddhi

There is another option in this tab named Teachers Attendance. Meaning, how was the attendance of teachers last year, it will have to be filled.

It is about Leave which teacher has done in the last year. Long (more than one month) And Short (up to one week) The information of the teachers who have gone on leave is to be filled.

After this, saving the filled details will have to be done for the next information.

3. School Evaluation Composition Matrix,

This is the last tab but it takes some more time because the information of total 7 domains has to be filled in it. We have given the names of all of them below, see them.

In these domains, only the level has to be selected, in which choose Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. If the level is low, then what will be the priority to improve in that area, that is to choose “Low/Medium/High” etc.

Just open the information of all the domains one by one and after selecting the location as given, finally submit the information and save it.

Shalasiddhi Final Submit.

After filling all the above details in Shaala siddhi login, finally check all the information once again. If the information is correct then submit the final.

After this, the Shalasiddhi form cannot be edited but keep in mind that even after the Shalasiddhi form is submitted, you must see the SCHOOL SELF-EVALUATION STATUS at the end which should be in Green Sign.

What is Shala Siddhi?

The National Program on School Standards and Evaluation (NPSSE), known as Shaalasidhdhi, is a comprehensive instrument for school improvement from which information is pooled for all school improvement.

When did Shaala Siddhi start?

According to Jagran Josh’s report, Shalasiddhi has been started from “7 November 2015” which was done by Union Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani at that time whenever she wants to get all the information through e-Pathshala information for the government.

For this Indian Government Official Website of” Information has also been given on which by changing been done.

How can I login to Shaala Siddhi?

To log in to Shalasiddhi, one has to go to the URL given above and enter the Udise code and Shalasiddhi password of your school.

How can I know my shaala Siddhi password?

Shaalasiddhi login password has to be reset when the user forgets it. To forget the password of Shala Siddhi, go to the login page and click on “Forgot Password”.

After this 3 options will be available, which is OTP (PIN) which is available on creating login shaala siddhi school login for the first time, Get Pin (OTP) in this, through your mobile number or email, the password of shaala siddhi can be forgotten.

Along with this, the third option can also be changed directly from the Udise code, the password of Shalasiddhi can be changed. You can use whatever method the user likes.

How can I download shaala Siddhi app?

Shalasidhi mobile application is not available but it can be accessed through browser in mobile.

What are the domains of Shaala Siddhi?

In Shalasiddhi, the meaning of domain is to fill the information in which 7 domains will be visible. In this, information has to be filled as given below.
Domain I- Enabling Resource of School,
Domain II- Teaching-Learning & Assessment,
Domain III- Learners Progress Attainment,
Domain IV – Managing Teacher Performance,
Domain V- School Leadership & Management,
Domain VI- Inclusion, Health & Safety,
Domain VII – Productive Community Participation.

What is the school evaluation dashboard in ShahlaSiddhi?

School Evaluation Dashboard This is the window visible after login in which we have to School Self-Evaluation Status also appears.

What is npsse?

What is the meaning of NPSSE?National Program on School Standards and Evaluation“Which we call “shaalasiddhi” in Shortcut.

How to do ShalaSiddhi Form Filling?

If possible, first download Shaala Siddhi pdf offline and only after filling it, do the online process as given below.

1. Click on this link given Shaala Siddhi web page “”.
2. Now click on “Login” then Shala Siddhi login window will open.
3. If you login for the first time then do new registration first.
4. Enter the UDISE code of your school.
5. Enter your shalasiddhi login password.
6. Next to press the “Submit” button.

After login in this way, all the information shalasiddhi will have to be filled online as above. For any problem, you can take help from the support staff.

How to do Shalasiddhi new registration?

If for the first time someone has to fill the information in Shala Siddhi, then they will have to create a login. For this he will do new registration first.

1. To make a new registration visit this link “”.
2. In the second step, select the school level in Select your level.
3. Write the correct UDISE code found for your school.
4. Now fill the applicant first name and last name.
5. In the last step, give mobile number and email in Active mobile number and email ID.
6. Click on Generate PIN (OTP).

In this way, as soon as you click on Generate PIN (OTP), the system will send OTP to the mobile and email to validate what the user has entered. Once the Validation is completed then you will get the option to create Shaala siddhi login password.

How to download Shaalasiddhi blank form in login?

Shaalasiddhi blank form pdf, excel can be downloaded from Shalasiddhi login. For this you can print after login.

Shaala siddhi last date last date 2022 Kya hai?

Still, Shaalasiddhi last date has not been declared. But all Shaala Siddhi levels should be completed without looking till the last date.

How can I see my Shaala siddhi report 2021-22?

If you want to see the last year’s school achievement report, then you can visit the official website and see it before the current year.

tell us your Shaala siddhi school login What about thoughts and problems. We will definitely try your best Shaalasiddhi – Shaala SIDDHI External Report Generate Can clear the problems coming in doing.