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Self Introduction: It is a big thing to introduce yourself because it determines your personality. Self-introduction is such a process that makes an impression on the person in front.First impression is last impression” In such a situation, the way you behave in the eyes of someone, you are understood in the same way. In this article, we will learn how to introduce yourself in such a way that the person in front also likes it.

We can introduce ourselves in many ways, like giving an interview in a company or introducing ourselves in a school or college. The thing to say is that we have to introduce ourselves everywhere, in any new place or in an unfamiliar place. have to introduce Self Introduction To give, we will learn step by step all the information through this article

What is self-introduction?

Self-Introduction means self-introduction or self-introduction, that is, your own introduction is called self-introduction, while giving self-introduction, you mainly have to tell four things. First you tell your name, then where you are from, then you tell where you have studied, where you have studied, and how far you have studied, then you tell what you do professionally or what What job have you done, what achievements have you got and what have you done in your professional life.

We have come to know that what is self-introduction, now we will know how to give our self-introduction?

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How to self-introduce?

Many things are important for self-introduction, which we should take care of.

Keeping yourself active
Talking with Confidence |
wear nice clothes
to talk well
Talking with eye to eye
Talking very calmly
Don’t be nervous
Understand the interview questions well and answer them easily.
Tell about your interest and your hobby.
to greet

keep yourself active Whenever we talk to someone, we should always be active. We should talk properly as we sit or stand properly, we should keep the body in the right posture. So that the person in front also feels good.

speak with confidence Whenever you go to give your interview, you should talk with full confidence. You should be completely comfortable and sit comfortably and introduce yourself with full confidence.

dress wellWhenever you go to give your interview, you should wear nice clothes, which increases your confidence and you can talk well with the person in front.

speak politely– You should talk very politely after understanding the other person’s point and then you should answer it simply. You should talk by making eye contact.

greetBy shaking hands and greeting well, you should tell about your subject, your interest etc. The person in front listens to you very well.

These were all the things from which we came to know that what things we should take care of before going to the interview, now we know how to give our self-introduction.

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For example-

Hindi English
Greetings sir/ma’am Good Morning Sir / Mam
My name is Aashi. My Name Is Aashi.
I am 21 years old. I Am 21 Years Old.
I live in Karnal. I Live In Karnal.
I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering from Computer Science branch. I Have Completed My Bachelor Of Engineering.Programming.
I am interested in computer programming. I Am Interested In Computer
i want to become a software developer I Want to be a Software Developer.

Good morning sir/madam,

First of all thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is (your full name). I am from Karnal. I am 21 years old. I belong to a middle/poor family, my father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife. Last year I have completed BA graduation from (name of university) currently I am doing MA from same university. I am a hardworking boy/girl and I do any work with full sincerity. My goal is to become a successful and ideal person in life and serve the country.

Apart from this, I am also a good writer and poet and I also love to read inspirational books. That’s all about my introduction. Thank you very much once again.

self introduction kaise de

Self-Introduction format for freshers

Greet- (greet)

Formal * Good Morning

* Good Afternoon

* Good Morning

Informal Hii / Hello / Hey / What’s up

name– 3 methods can be used while telling the name.

  • This is…………..
  • I am …………….
  • My Name is…….


  • I belong to ……………..
  • I Am From…………


  • In My Family apart from my parents.
  • I have an elder brother and a younger sister.


  • I am pursuing graduation
  • I am in BA 2nd year

Additional Qualification/Skills-

  • I have 6 months basic computer
  • I have done 6 month course/diploma


  • I am a fresher
  • I have 2 years Experience in website development


  • My hobby is listening to music
  • i love singing
  • I love playing a cricket


  • That’s all about me thank you

These were some examples from which we found out how to give our self-introduction.

First of all, whenever you go for an interview, there should be a slight smile on your face. Due to which your confidence remains. This will give freshness to your face. Whenever you go inside for an interview, greet him first.,

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How to conduct your interview in English?

Many candidates get disheartened due to not being able to speak English in the interview and are unable to get selected. Although speaking English is not that difficult and you can easily pass the interview with a little preparation. Here is a brief sample to give you an introduction in English so that you can prepare well. Here you need to remember that practice is the key to success, so you need to prepare well for this practice so that you can present yourself in a better way.

Hello/Good Morning Sir/Madam

My name is Ramesh Kumar. I am 23 years old. I am from Jharkhand. I come from a middle-class family. My father is a farmer and my mother is a home maker. In my family, I have 2 brothers and one sister. I did my primary education from govt. primary school Korba and intermediate from Vidhya Mandir Dantewada. I am pursuing my B.Tech in civil engineering from Birsa Munda institute of technology. Apart from my graduation, I am interested in extracurricular activities like playing games, wandering with friends and spending time with family. Cricket is my favorite sport. I want to be a civil engineer.

introduce yourself

At the beginning of the interview you should self introduction have to give. Here you have to give your name and your family information. You should always try to keep the introduction brief and balanced. Here you will be required to give information about all the important points as well as confidence should be reflected in your voice while giving about yourself and your family. self introduction In the beginning you need to be comfortable.

educational qualification

After introducing yourself with your name and other basic details, tell the interviewer about your educational qualification. Although you must have already mentioned it in your resume, still you have to give complete information about whatever you have studied. Be honest about your achievements and make sure that you don’t sound less than overconfident when talking about your feats.

Professional experience, if any

If you are a fresher, then your educational qualification is your asset. However, if you are experienced personnel, then you should mention all the details of your previous work experiences and all that you have learned and achieved during that time. Talk about internships and workshops you’ve attended. While introducing yourself in the interview, the evaluator keenly notes down the details of your educational and work experience.

your hobbies and interests

Don’t hesitate to take the conversation to an informal tone. After experiences, mention your hobbies and what interests you the most professionally and personally. Be careful not to over-glide into informality and stick to the essence of an interview.


What is self introduction?

Self-introduction means self-introduction or self-introduction, that is, your own introduction is called self-introduction.

How to write 10 lines about yourself?

My name is Ankit.
I am a student
I am from a middle/poor family.
My father is a farmer.
My mother is Grahni.
I am a hardworking person.
I am very fond of reading books.
I like to play cricket very much.
I want to get the corpse of my life.
I want to be successful in my life by working hard.

How to introduce yourself to a girl?

While introducing yourself to the girl, keep a slight smile on your face. You talk very lovingly and politely and tell her about yourself, your name, what you do, etc. give information about everyone and then you can ask all this to the girl.


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