how to earn money from rozdhan app

how to earn money from rozdhan app post is for those people who are interested in earning money through online medium, although there are many apps available to earn money online, some of them give money and there are some apps which do not give money to people, but The app we are talking about here has positive reviews on the internet, the name of this app is rozdhan app (Rozdhan). This is the top of the online money earning app in 2019.

More than 5 million people have downloaded this app so far and it is active on the phones of more than nine lakh people. It is available in many languages ​​like English, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu etc. With the aim of increasing the growth and productivity, Rozdhan App aspires to reach more people and benefit everyone. The users of this app to earn money online are happy with this application and its features, which is shown by the rating of this app in Google Playstore.


The data received shows that more than 20 thousand people have earned money from this app so far, about thousand people earn up to about 50,000 rupees every month, 300 people earn up to twenty thousand rupees, about 80 people up to five lakhs. Earn from Rozdhan app. Those who want to earn money fast, Rozdhan app can be a good option for them.

how to earn money from rozdhan app

One of the people who earn money from this app is a technical yogi who has earned up to 817 thousand from Rozdhan app till September 2018. He makes videos on YouTube. He says that he has always been a good artist. He started his career as a theater actor. Being an adventurer and learning new things, he started posting product reviews on WhatsApp. His journey began when his friends shared videos of him with others, and soon his videos began to go viral among known friends and distant relatives. Then, his friends suggested him to be a YouTuber.

India is one of the fastest growing users for YouTube videos and while Jio Internet has benefited people, its market is getting bigger and reaching out to the masses. Thus, Yogi recognized the opportunity and grabbed his chance to become famous. Being a Hindi Tech You Tuber he has carved a niche for himself in the market.

He also made a video on Roz Dhan for those who earn money online, the video got 2,000,000 views, he earned more than 8 lakh rupees by referral. And he used to get paytm cash every day! No delay! Soon he told several of his friends about this big fish, it has since spread. And more people know about this super earning app.


If you are still wondering how YouTubers make money by making videos, then let’s know.

There are mainly 2 ways:

YouTube Partnership (You Tubers can get $0.3 off 1000 views)

Advertising sponsorship (depends on brand, some for free)

According to the rules of YouTube partnership, a video with 1.9M views can earn up to 40 thousand at the most, so how did Yogi earn 817 thousand – the answer is Roz Dhan

With the increasing number of reward apps in the market, Rose Money’s easy accessibility and simple technologies make it the preferred app among its competitors. With Roz Dhan you can withdraw your money within 5 minutes.

Ways to Refer & Earn on Roz Dhan App Step To Refer & Earn On RozDhan

Sign up through mobile and get Rs.25.


Click on me to view balance


Invite friends through invitation option


When your friend enters your invitation code after registering on the app, you will get 1250 coin (equivalent to 5 rupees). And your friend will get 50 rupees.

You will get 20 coins for sharing the article.


Roz Dhan payment proof

(20rs tax, will be returned at the end of the financial year)

So. No RozDhan Invite Code RozDhan Download Link
1 05MORA Download Now

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