5 Ways That Will Motivate You To Go To The Gym

If I ask you that how many of you are there who know that exercising is good for health? I can say with full confidence that you all will know how important exercise is. But even after knowing all this, there are very few people who exercise. The biggest reason for not doing gym or exercise is laziness. There are many of us who are lazy to get up in the morning. And the reason for this is your lack of interest. Just imagine that tomorrow at 5 in the morning Amitabh Bachchan ji is coming to meet you. Now in this situation, you will get up at 4 in the morning in any case. I can’t sleep at such times.

If you look closely, you will find that all this game is of your interest. You will not be lazy to watch a cricket match of your choice, to visit a friend in the morning or to do any such work of your choice. Isn’t it amazing? Now the question arises that how to develop interest to go to gym or exercise.

So friends, in this post, we will tell some such ways, with the help of which you will be motivated to go to the gym. So let’s know:

How to Motivate Yourself for Gym in Hindi – Motivate Yourself for Workout

1. gym partner

Initially, you can make a friend of yours as a gym partner or you can do some other physical activity instead of going to the gym. Like I love playing badminton. Any sports is a very good option for fitness improvement. When you know that you have to wake up in the morning and play badminton or any such favorite sport, then it will be easy for you to get up.

2. Create Motivational Posters

Many times, due to bad mood or due to personal reasons, one does not feel like exercising. Follow these tips in such a situation:

  • Put some motivational song in the alarm ringtone like I have made the title song of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag movie “Ab Tu Bhaag Milkha” as your alarm tone. I love this song so much that it fills my heart when I hear it. You also choose the song of your choice and set the alarm tone. Many apps will also be available for this.
  • Posters: I have made and pasted many motivational posters in my room like


You can also make similar posters easily. For this

Go to Canva.com and create a free account.

On the Dashboard, type “poster” in the search bar.

On the left side you will find a lot of ready made templates, all you have to do is change their content.

There is an option to download in the top right, download it by clicking and get it printed from the nearby printer shop.

Well many people became Make motivational posters We also use it, but there is something else about the poster made by itself.

3. Company Matters

You must have often heard from elders that one should stay in the company of good people. I agree 100% with this. As you live with people, so do you become yourself. To inculcate the habit of going to the gym, you can create a Whatsapp group in which there are more people interested in fitness. Make friends with people who have had time to exercise and are regular. You will also get motivated with such people. You can also take advice from these people whenever you want.

These people will definitely help you to exercise every day and go to the gym. It is very important to understand that by staying with 4 lazy friends, you too will not be able to give up laziness.

4. Reward Yourself

Remember that you cannot do everything in one day. Whatever improvements will come, they will come slowly. But it is very important to celebrate even your smallest victories. If you want, break down your goals into small action items. And keep celebrating as you meet your short term goals. When I started exercising, I also used to make goals. Like, if I lose 5kg, then I will buy my favorite game. You too can do something like this. This will motivate you to go to the gym and work out.

5. Don’t Set Over-ambitious Goals

When I joined the gym, my goal was to build a six pack. I thought I could do it in 2-3 months, but soon found it was an over-ambitious goal. By the end of those three months, I was nowhere near my goal. This disappointed me and I lost the motivation to go to the gym.

Setting goals is important, but you need to make sure they are achievable or not. If you set an achievable goal, you’ll feel a greater sense of accomplishment when you reach it, which will have a positive effect on your motivation.

When you reach your initial goals, set yourself more achievable goals so that you can always work towards something.

Friends, the biggest problem in going to the gym is getting up early in the morning. But if you are motivated then everything becomes very easy.

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