12 Name Of Months In Hindi And English: Name Of Months

,Name of months in hindiGenerally, the name of Months is known only for the months of January and February, but in the olden days this name was not there. At that time, the names of the months were seen according to the Hindu calendar in our country of India. According to the months, the time was used exactly. For example, if it has been 6 months, then it means that half of the year has been completed. Similarly, on completion of 12 months, the time used to be one year.

Children often do not know all these things. Today we are writing this article for the children. This article is for all class children. Here you will be told the names of the months in all languages. So that you do not need to read any other article. Let us tell you that the names of 12 months start with the month of January, January is the first month of the year, and December is the last month of the year.

Apart from this, it is also very important to know that in which month there are how many days, there are 28, 29, 30, or 31 days in the month. You will get complete information about this in the list given below. Apart from this, some people also have to know that how many weeks are there in a month. Friends, I have full hope that if you read this article carefully,

friends here i wish you all a very happy new year Names of 12 months in Hindi and English Or going to tell the names of Hindi months according to both English Calendar and Hindu Calendar (English Calendar & Hindu Calendar Months Name).

Hindi Mai Mahine ka Naam (name of months in hindi)

January January
February february
March march
April april
May May
June june
June july
August august
September september
October october
november november
december december

Months Name in Hindi and English

serial number Months Name in Hindi Months Name in Hindi short name No of Days in this Month
1 January January Jan 31
2 February february February 28/29
3 March march March 31
4 April april April 30
5 May May May 31
6 June june June 30
7 June july July 31
8 August august August 31
9 September september September 30
10 October october October 31
11 november november November 30
12 december december December 31

Hindu Months Name Total Days

serial number Hindu Months Name no of days
1 Chaitra (30 / 31* Days)
2 Vaisakha (31 Days)
3 Jayastha (31 Days)
4 Asada (31 Days)
5 Shravana (31 Days)
6 Bhadra (31 Days)
7 Ashvina (30 Days)
8 Kartika (30 Days)
9 Margshirsh (30 Days)
10 Pausa (30 Days)
11 magha (30 Days)
12 Phalguna (30 Days)

So friends, this was the information about the months of the year. Here we have read about the names of the month in Hindi and English (Names of 12 Months Hindi and English).

Along with this, we have also seen how many days are there in all the months of the year. English-Hindi Serial number and abbreviated name of the month in both the languages.

But friends, till now we have learned everything about the months according to the English calendar. All the months in Hindi or Hindu calendar have different names and their changing time period is also different.

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Months Name in Sanskrit and Hindi

Sl. No. name in sanskrit name in hindi English months (Greek)
1 Chaitra: Chaitra March April
2 Vaishakh: Baisakh April May
3 Senior: eldest may June
4 Ashadh: Ashadh June July
5 Shravan: Shravan July August
6 Bhadrapada: Bhadrapaksha August September
7 Ashwin: Ashwin September-October
8 Karthik: Karthik October November
9 Route Head: Margsheesh November December
10 Poush: Poush December January
11 Magh: magh January-February
12 Falgun: Phalgun february-march

Months Name in Hindi with Festival

1, Chaitra month – Chaitra – (30 to 31 Days) Ganesh Crisis, Chaturthigudi Padwa, Shri Ram Navami, Hanuman Jayanti
2. Vaishakh month – Vaisakha – (30 to 31 Days) Ganesh Chaturthi, Parshuram Jayanti, Buddha Purnima
3. Jyeth month – Jyaistha – (31 Days) Vindhyavasani Puja, Ganga Dussehra end, Vat Purnima
4. Ashadha month – Asadha – (31 Days) Dakshinayan, Solar Eclipse, Ashadi Ekadashi, Guru Purnima
5. Shravan month – Shravana – (31 Days) Nagpanchami, Raksha Bandhan
6. Bhadrapada month – Bhadra – (31 Days) Shri Krishna Jayanti, Gopalashtami, Hartalika Tritiya, Gauri Vrat, Rishi Panchami, Janmashtami
7. Ashwin month – Asvina – (30 Days) Ghat Sthapana, Dussehra / Vijaya Dashami, Valmiki Jayanti, Sharad Purnima
8. Kartik month – Kartika – (30 Days) Lakshmi Puja, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Tulsi Vivah
9. Margshirsh month – Margshirsh – (30 Days) Shridatta Jayanti
10. Paush month – Pausa – (30 Days) Lohri
11. Magh month – Magha – (30 Days) Amavasya – Mauni Amavasya, spring season begins
12. Falgun month – Phalguna – (30 Days) Vijay Ekadashi, Mahashivratri, Holi, Dhulendi

After English and Hindi month, now we have read about month name in Sanskrit. Hope, you have easily understood the names given in Sanskrit and Hindi. Apart from this, you have been told the names of the following days in Sanskrit. Till here we have got complete information of months and days. But now it comes to the point that in which month which season prevails. Let us know, in which month which season or season prevails.

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Days Name in Sanskrit

sr no English Hindi culture
1 Monday monday Induvasar:
2 tuesday Tuesday भौमवसरः
3 wednesday Wednesday Soumyavasar:
4 Thursday Thursday (Thursday) Thursday:
5 Friday Friday friday:
6 saturday Saturday Saturday:
7 Sunday sunday Bhanuvasar:

Month Name With Season

names of seasons name of months
Spring season March-April
summer season May-June
Rainy Season July-August
Winter season September-October-mid November
rainy season November-December
winter season January-February

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So dear readers, this was the 12 name of months in hindi and English, all 12 month names (Hindu Calendar Month Name in Hindi) as per Hindu calendar and English calendar. because we use months to measure and everyone uses it so we all names of 12 months in hindi And English Month Name in Hindi / Mahino ke Naam January February Must have complete information.

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How many weeks are there in a year?

There are 52 weeks in a year, according to which there are 364 or 365 days in a year. That’s why we can say 52 weeks a day in a year.

How many months of 31 days are there in 1 year?

Total seven months in a year are of 31 days, which are as follows – January, March, May, July, August, October, and December.

How many weeks are there in 365 days?

There are 52 weeks in 365 days, if seen according to the leap year, then 52 weeks in 365 days will be 2 days. Because every four years there are 29 days in February.

How many months of 30 days are there in 1 year?

According to the English calendar, there are four months of 30 days in a year, which are as follows – April, June, September, and November.

How many hours are there in a year?

There are 8760 hours and 525600 minutes in 1 year.

How many minutes are there in a year?

There are 31536000 seconds in a year.

Which is the first month of the year according to the Hindu calendar?

It is of Chaitra (April).

Hindi Diwas is celebrated in which month of the year?

Hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14 September.