05 Tips To Free Up Whatsapp Storage (Hindi)

It is very important to keep freeing the Whatsapp storage regularly.

When the storage capacity of the mobile is less then the problem of Whatsapp storage is very common.

This problem is not only in the mobile with low storage capacity, but also in those mobiles, which have very good storage capacity, they can have this problem when they do not free up whatsapp storage regularly.

Do you have problem with Whatsapp storage on your phone?

In this article, we will talk about 05 methods to clean unnecessary data of whatsapp storage.

Whatsapp Statistics

  • WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users all over the world.
  • The most used messenger application in the world is Whatsapp.
  • Every day 100 billion messages are sent through WhatsApp.
  • The active average user of Whatsapp remains active on Whatsapp for 38 minutes a day.
  • The country with the most active users using WhatsApp in 01 month is India.

Such interesting facts of whatsapp You can read through this link.

For what reason Whatsapp storage takes up more space?

What are the reasons related to Whatsapp storage that reduce the storage capacity of your mobile phone?

It often happens that we join some whatsapp group against our will.

The person who has added us to the Whatsapp group, cannot get out of the whatsapp group because of the relationship or love or shame of that person.

In this way a lot of photos, videos and text messages get stored in our phone. This would happen to you too.

If you do not clean unnecessary Whatsapp data from your mobile regularly, then your phone

There is every possibility that the storage space will get filled very quickly.

What are 05 tips to free up Whatsapp storage? (How to clear Whatsapp Storage)

In this article we will see how to manage whatsapp storage. (how to manage whatsapp storage)

Method 1) Enable automatic download of images and videos.

It often happens that a message or photo or video sent by someone gets automatically downloaded in our Whatsapp group.

We need the following setting to prevent automatic download from happening.

Step 1: Open your WhatsApp and go to Settings and click on ‘Data and storage usage’.

You can see the below screen in your mobile.

we in two ways Internet can join. mobile data or Wifi through.

There are two options available for auto download in whatsapp.
i) when using mobile data and
ii) When connected over Wifi
As in the image above, you can see ‘Media Auto-Download’ in it.

Click on ‘When using mobile data’ option.

Now you can see the below screen on your phone.

Step 2: Uncheck all the options as shown in the above screen. With this setting you can turn off your auto download when your mobile data is turned on.

Click OK. Click on ‘When connected on Wi-Fi’ as shown on the screen below.

You will see the screen given below.

Step 3: Uncheck all the above options and click on OK.
In this way, you can prevent auto download of mobile data and wi-fi of media and documents.

Method 2) Delete the chat taking more storage space in Whatsapp contact or group.

There will also be many such contacts in your whatsapp contact whose messages are not so important for you.

Such messages can be deleted without thinking.

Through the setting of Whatsapp, we can check that which Whatsapp contact occupies how much storage space in our mobile? We can only delete such message in one go. Follow the steps below to clear personal messages and media.

Step,1: Open your WhatsApp and go to the Settings menu.

Step-2: Click on ‘Data and Storage Usage’.

Step-3: Click on ‘Storage usage’. Here it will be shown how much storage space the individual contact or group takes up.

In the above screen you can see how much space each contact or group takes up in the phone.
If Whatsapp storage is not cleaned regularly, then a large number of storage space will be visible here!!!

Step-4: Click on individual contact or group to free up storage space.

After clicking on any contact you can see the below screen.

Step-5 : Click on ‘FREE UP SPACE’ to clear items like Text messages, Contacts, Locations, Photos, Stickers, GIFs and Videos.
After clicking on ‘FREE UP SPACE’ you can see the below screen on your phone.

Select the above checkbox which you want to remove from your mobile and click on ‘DELETE ITEMS’.

After clicking on ‘DELETE ITEMS’, option ‘Delete starred messages’ will appear with check box.
If you want to delete the starred messages of this selected contact, then check ‘Delete starred messages’ and click on ‘Clear Messages’.
Your selected item for this contact will be deleted.

Method 3: Clear all messages

There are some whatsapp groups or contacts in which a lot of messages keep coming throughout the day and all those messages are only without necessary information.
There is no need to keep such messages for a long time. It gives the facility to clear all the messages in one go. which is shown below.

In Method 2 we can select individual contact and remove text messages, contacts, locations, photos, stickers, GIFs and videos as per our wish. But in this method, we do all in one click.
You can clear the message. Let’s see, how it happens.

Step-1: Click on the contact or group whose messages we want to delete.

I have selected one WhatsApp contact from my list as shown in below screen.

Step-2: Click on the three dots shown above in your phone

Step-3 : Click on more

Step-4: Click on ‘Clear chat’. You will see the screen shown below in your phone in which you

You can see the check box of ‘Delete media in this chat’. If you select this check box, then text messages, contacts, locations, photos, stickers, GIFs and videos made through this contact will be deleted in one click.

Step-5: Click on Clear

Method 4: Stop adding you to any whatsapp group without permission

Many times it happens that any person can put you in any group at any time.
But WhatsApp gives you such facility that no other person can put you in any group without your permission.

Let’s see how it is set up?

Step-1: After opening Whatsapp, go to Settings and click on Account

Step-2: Click on Privacy.

Step-3: Click on Groups

You can see three options after clicking on ‘Groups’.

i) Everyone : Means that anyone can add you to any group.

ii) My contacts : Only people from your phone’s contacts can add you to any group.

iii) except my contacts…: This means that you can restrict some of your contacts or all of your contacts from adding to any group without your permission.

Method 5: Clear Whatsapp album in Gallery

Open your phone’s photo gallery app and a folder of WhatsApp images and WhatsApp videos will appear inside it. You will get to see all the photos and videos brought by Whatsapp in this folder. Go inside the folder and select all the photos you want to delete and delete them.


When the phone’s storage space gets full, then there is a lot of trouble.

To solve this problem, we talked about five such ways of Whatsapp by which we can free up the storage space of our phone.

Please comment do you have any other solution to free up WhatsApp storage space? If yes, then tell me by commenting. I will try to add your suggestions as well.

Thank you