03 Best photo recovery app for android

Best photo recovery app for android

According to a survey conducted in the year 2021, 64% of the people live under stress about digital data.

Data loss can happen at any time and there can be many reasons for data loss.

There are some common reasons for data loss such as

  • Phone hardware failure.
  • Memory card becoming corrupt.
  • Accidentally deleted data.
  • Formatting the data.
  • Data corruption due to software.
  • Data being hacked due to virus such as Ranjamban.
  • phone breaks down
  • This is the most common and common reason for phone failure.

There are many reasons due to which data loss occurs.

When do photos get deleted from smartphone?

when we phone photo backup If not taken then there is a fear of the photo being deleted.

A lot of space in the smart phone is filled due to photos and videos.

We have such a habit that when the storage is full, we try to empty it.

In such a situation, the mistake becomes that whatever photos and videos are there, they also get deleted.

Bringing that photo or video back is a challenging task.

In this article, we will see how to recover our deleted photos.

Should the Recycle bin be in the phone as well?

You must have used the computer.

When we delete any data from the computer, it goes to the recycle bin of our computer.

When we want the file back, we can restore it from the Recycle Bin.

You can bring back the location from where the file was deleted.

But such convenience is not available in most of the smartphones.

In such a situation, it is difficult to get back the data that was accidentally deleted from the smartphone.

Recovering deleted data is difficult but not impossible.

But before understanding how this can happen, it is important to understand that whenever any data is deleted from computer or smartphone, what happens?

after deleting the data data What happens? Where does the data go?

When we delete any data then it is not really deleted.

This is because the operating system manages ‘a file allocation table’.

Whenever any data is deleted, that data remains in the same place and it is not deleted.

But the address of that data is deleted from the ‘file allocation table’ and not the file.

What is a File Allocation Table? (What is File Allocation Table?)

Each data has an address so that that data can be used when needed based on its address.

If you understand it in simple language, it is as if you have 10 cupboards in your house. You have kept books in some, clothes in some, jewelry in some, food in some and you have kept something or the other in all such cabinets.

You write the complete details of which thing is kept in which cupboard in a notebook so that you can get your kept thing immediately.

Understand, if someday you erase some of your written notebook, what will happen? Will the things you put in your cupboard also go away? No.

File Allocation Table in Smartphone

The same happens with a computer or smartphone. Every data that is in the hard disk has a storage location and the address of each location is kept in the ‘File Allocation Table’.

On the basis of the file allocation table, the data is used when needed, so if you delete any file, then the address of that file is deleted from the file allocation table and not that file is deleted.

The file which gets deleted, we can store the other file at that place.

Until a new data is stored in the place of the deleted data, that data is present at the same location.

When another file is stored in place of the deleted file, then the deleted file cannot be returned, it is not recovered.

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Which Android App is there to recover photos?

03 Best Photo Recovery Android App which is going to be of great use to you.

Have your photos ever been accidentally deleted? Or the phone is damaged and photo backup is not taken.

If this has happened to you too or if you feel that it could happen at any time.

So you can install the photo recovery android app given below in your phone.

1) Dumpster – Recover Deleted Photos & Video Recovery

Image Credit : Google play store

dumpster one Photo Recovery Android App Is. It is very easy to use it.

Download : By the year 2021, more than 4 lakh users have downloaded this application.

Rating : is 3.8.

Feature : Best photo recovery app for android

  • Recently deleted application can restore photos and videos.
  • The phone does not need to be rooted.
  • You can backup data on cloud storage but for this you have to take premium version.
  • Screen lock facility is also given.
  • Internet is not required.

Download App Link , dumpster

2) DiskDigger Photo Recovery App

Image Credit : Google play store

This application has two versions, one is simple and the other is Pro version.

Download , By the year 2021, more than 4 lakh users have downloaded this application.

Rating : is 3.7.

Feature :

  • Recovers deleted photos and media files from your phone memory and card.
  • No need to root the phone.
  • Cloud storage facility is also provided.
  • If the device is rooted then your chances of recovering your deleted photos are also high.
  • If the phone is not rooted, then you can only do a limited scan to find the deleted photos.
  • After recovering the photo, if you want to delete it permanently, then this facility is also given in it.

Download App Link : DiskDigger

3) EaseUS MobiSaver – Recover Video, Photo & Contacts

Image Credit : Google play store

This application maker is very popular for recovering data from computer.

It is a successful company whose software works very well in computer.

This company has made this application for Android phone users.

Download : By 2021, more than 19 thousand people have installed it.

Rating : Rating is 2.9.

Feature :

  • Can recover deleted photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp messages from both the phone’s internal memory and SD card.
  • No need to root the phone.
  • This application automatically detects whether your phone is rooted or not.
  • If the phone is rooted then maximum images can be recovered.
  • Filter facility is provided.
  • Due to the filter, only the deleted data can be seen, such a facility has also been given.
  • Photos deleted in a specific time are also recovered through filters.
  • You can also filter the size of the file you want to search.

Download App Link : EaseUS MobiSaver


  • Data can be corrupted or deleted due to many reasons.
  • The phone’s data gets deleted because of the virus or accidentally deleted due to software, due to all these reasons.
  • Like a computer, a phone should also have a recycle bin.
  • When the data is deleted, after that the data is not deleted in the true sense, only the address of that data is erased.
  • To maintain all the data, the operating system maintains a file allocation table.
  • We have come to know about 3 best photo recovery android apps.
  • Dumpster, DiskDigger, EaseUS MobiSaver 03 is an Android app.


Which application or software do you use when data is deleted from your phone, you must tell in the comment box.