Top Direct Selling Companies In India

Top Direct Selling Companies In India 1

Direct selling companies in India: Network marketing is such a business model. In which people join as a Prasimitic Structure and sell the products of a company. Every member of this network is an independent sales representative, people who join this network get a fix commission on selling the product. Whenever they sell the product …


What is Whatsapp community? How to use?

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What is Whatsapp community? do you know? Whatsapp has given a new feature which you should know once. How is WhatsApp Community created and what has been the purpose of creating it? It is important to know, so let’s see what is Whatsapp community. With this, you can exchange information by connecting with many groups. …


How to play chess on MPL?

MPL पर शतरंज कैसे खेले

The game of chess is one of the most popular board sports globally, played by millions of people online, in clubs, at home, and in tournaments, against the computer or with a friend. It is not only a game played with friends but also played in tournaments. Chess is the oldest strategy game played between …


What is Water TDS and how much should it be?

water TDS क्या होता है और यह कितना होना चाहिए 1

Drinking Water TDS : We all know that water means life. Without which our life will not go on. Just like we cannot live a day without oxygen, similarly we cannot live without water. But before taking that water, we have to see whether water will do good or harm to our body. Just as …


How to give Self Introduction | learn to introduce yourself

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Self Introduction: It is a big thing to introduce yourself because it determines your personality. Self-introduction is such a process that makes an impression on the person in front.First impression is last impression” In such a situation, the way you behave in the eyes of someone, you are understood in the same way. In this …


Website Kya Hai | How many types are there? complete information

Website Kya Hai

Nowadays website is very important if you want to do online business. Through the website, you can easily reach people anywhere in the world sitting at home. In this era of technology, everyone has a smartphone, laptop and computer through which they can get any information from the internet. Right now you are also reading …


NMMS Exam Full Form 2022 Syllabus, Benefits & Result Dates

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For scholarship benefits for national economically weak students, an exam has to be given which nmms exam Says If the applicant passes in merit in this exam, then they are given the benefit of scholarship till class 8-12, so that education can be increased through financial benefits. What is NMMS? nmms full form is “National …


12 Name Of Months In Hindi And English: Name Of Months

12 Name Of Months In Hindi And English 1

,Name of months in hindiGenerally, the name of Months is known only for the months of January and February, but in the olden days this name was not there. At that time, the names of the months were seen according to the Hindu calendar in our country of India. According to the months, the time …


Ladki Ko Impress Kaise Kare

लड़की को इम्प्रेस कैसे करे 1

Do you like a girl too? And want him to impress you and befriend you? But you have no idea how to impress a girl (Ladki Ko Impress Kaise Kare) Then you should read this article. If you are wondering how to impress a girl, you are not alone. Many people look for tips on …