The Top 50 InfoSec Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2019

Our collection of the most insightful and informative InfoSec blogs from the industry’s foremost thought leaders.

There are hundreds of InfoSec blogs in the webosphere. Some are clear leaders in the industry, widely regarded as thought leaders and earning recognition from just about everyone in the security field as being among the best of the best. Some started out strong but fizzled out after a few short months, while others have compiled hundreds – thousands, even – of in-depth perspectives on a variety of security topics (from general cyber security to specific topics like data loss prevention (DLP) over the course of nearly a decade.

We scoured the far corners of the web to dig up some of the best, most insightful and informative InfoSec blogs in existence for our newly-updated list for 2019. Not only the blogs you’ve seen named time and time again in best-InfoSec-blogger lists, but also some hidden gems you may not have known existed but will be glad you’ve finally discovered. These blogs provide deep insights from some of the leading information security professionals; in-the-trenches viewpoints from security experts who have spent decades working in the field and consulting with the world’s largest enterprises, universities, the U.S. Government, startups, and other entities.

These bloggers tackle major security news, InfoSec hacks, tricks, and discoveries, offer tutorials and solutions for problems they’ve encountered in their day-to-day work, and sometimes bring a little humor to the fascinatingly complex world of information security.

Andrew Hay is the Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for LEO Cyber Security, where he’s responsible for driving of the strategic vision for the company, as well as the development and delivery of the company’s cyber security, digital forensics, incident response, cloud architecture, and advanced research centers of excellence. Hay has held roles for companies such as 451 Research, DataGravity, and Open DNS, where he served as Senior Security Research Lead & Evangelist. He’s often approached to provide expert commentary on security-industry events in the media, including both mainstream publications such as USA Today and niche publications such as TechTarget and Network World. We also have a podcast episode with Hay discussing the rise of the virtual CISO. You can access Hay’s insights directly at his personal blog, where he covers topics he hand-picks based on personal interest and importance to the field.

Byron Acohido’s Last Watchdog on Privacy & Security

A Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, Byron Acohido is the founder and executive editor of The Last Watchdog on Privacy & Security. Cybersecurity first gained Acohido’s attention in 2000 when he joined the Money section of USA TODAY to cover Microsoft. Since that time, Acohido has authored several books and covered the cybersecurity space through articles, podcasts, and videos, all of which you can access at The Last Watchdog.

Dan Kaminsky has advised Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, Avaya, and Microsoft, and he’s been a well-known security researcher for more than a decade. His blog, formerly known as DoxPara Research, features in-depth posts with insights on the most pressing security issues facing the industry, such as Heartbleed. It’s kind of like picking Kaminsky’s brain from the comfort of your desk.

Three posts we like from Dan Kaminsky’s Blog:

  • Hacking the Universe with Quantum Encraption
  • The Cryptographically Provable Con Man
  • Read My Lips: Let’s Kill 0Day

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