How to Make a Successful Health/Wellness Blog

Health and wellness are popular topics in this day and age, especially because obesity is getting more and more widespread. You are interested in the topic or you have an experience you want to share, and you consider blogging the best way to express yourself. It might be so, but before starting you need to consider all the relevant aspects of health blogging and blogging in general in order to be able to decide whether you can do it and whether it is worth the effort you want and need to put into it.

What is a niche and what are the health blogging niches?

What is a niche? The simplest explanation would be that it is a narrow area of a certain wider topic. A niche is not strictly specified in terms of breadth. Health blogging has numerous niches, in which you can find:

  • Weight loss/diet blogs – blogs either giving dieting information or a personal journal of weight loss.
  • Healthy living foodie blogs – blogs that are more focused on food, showing pictures or recipes.
  • Running blogs – blogs of runners out there blogging their runs, training, and everything related to running.
  • Training blogs – blogs about training tend to be more informational blogs teaching you how to train and giving workout advice.
  • Fitness professionals – blogs from personal trainers, coaches, etc. who share information and sell their training services.
  • Healthy living blogs – blogs that contain information about all aspects of being healthy.
  • Others – there are other blogs out there that don’t neatly fall into these niches yet still would be considered health blogs, others that fall into multiple categories, and even more general life blogs with a health/fitness category or slant.

This categorization has been taken from the AMERRYLIFE blog, one of the more successful blogs in its niche, to illustrate a part of the health blogging world through several niches. However, a clear division of niches simply does not exist. They often overlap, some are broader while others are quite narrow and there are no definite rules for determining the niche should stick to. Nevertheless, some guidelines might help with this decision and we will present them to you later on in the text.

Deciding on the type of blog and the tone of writing

Before diving into the challenge of health blogging, many things need to be considered. You primarily need to decide on the direction and the tone of your work.

Why do you want to write a health blog?

Do you have some experience you want to share or you want to allow others to access the knowledge you gained by investigating the topic? One of the reasons for health blogging might just as well be the money. This step is important because it is essential in determining the type of writing to stick to. I’m a regular contributor to several health related blogs and Weight Loss Triumph is the perfect example for this matter. They offer advices on how to lose weight and just like the website mentioned above, they cover health blogging through several niches. You can write a journal, an advice blog or you can offer a mixture of both. You can make a magazine concept out of it, or you can be a motivating force behind the will of those who decided to live a healthy life. But for the sake of design and further blog development, you need to decide in time. Here are the examples of two types of blogs.

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